Welcome to ignorethelies.com, a website dedicated to providing you with the stories the mainstream media leaves out.  We believe an informed public has the power to make change.

Real journalism is dead. Television news has become a form of entertainment and not a source of information, focusing on fear, propaganda and useless celebrity gossip. Six mega-corporations own 90% of the world’s media, consolidating from 50 companies back in 1983. These companies have the shareholder’s interest, not the public’s, in mind when it comes to what stories get aired. They have an agenda, and that agenda determines what you see, hear and read each day. That doesn’t make me feel very informed.

We have joined the fight to restore truth in media, led by honest journalists like Ben Swann (support his “Liberty is Rising  Truth in Media” kickstarter campaign here). Ben stated that in order to restore the media we need honest journalists and platforms willing to run real news. By acting as a platform for real news, we can do our part and support the  movement to bring back a free and honest press.

(the following information is a few years out of date but still very relevant to today’s world of media consolidation)